Save a Life! Learn CPR

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Learn CPR

Save a Life! Learn CPR

Learn CPR
According to the American Heart Association, we are experiencing a cardiac arrest public health crisis. There are more than 356,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year. Most victims do not survive. 
However, if CPR is performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival. Using an AED can improve those statistics even more. The survival rate of a victim defibrillated within the first 3 minutes of a cardiac arrest approaches 95%.
Statistics vary but 70%-88% of all cardiac arrests occur at home. Many victims appear healthy with no known heart disease or other risk factors. This means that you are more likely to use CPR for a family member or friend.

Five Most Common Fears That Keep People From Performing CPR

  1. Fear of hurting the victim. People often hesitate to perform CPR because they worry they may do more harm than good. Performing CPR correctly can lead to broken ribs and bruising. However, doing nothing leads to certain death.
  2. Fear of being sued. In Indiana and many other states, we have laws to protect those who render aid in an emergency. As long as you are trained and do the best you can within your training, you can’t be sued.
  3. Fear of catching a disease. The odds of catching a disease doing CPR is very low. You can minimize exposure by using a CPR barrier. You can also simply perform hands-only CPR and skip the rescue breaths. It’s not as effective, but its better than doing nothing in an emergency.
  4. Fear of doing it wrong. Learning the correct way to perform CPR and use an AED in important. It’s not difficult to learn. By taking a class and learning the best ways to administer CPR, you can reduce this fear and potentially save a family member or friend.
  5. Fear of inappropriate touching. This is a very big issue, especially for women experiencing cardiac arrest. Along with fear of hurting someone, exposing a woman’s chest during CPR/AED use keeps people from helping in an emergency. Be respectful but don’t hesitate to save a life

What can you do?

Take a CPR/AED class. Knowing what to do in an emergency can save a life. Even if you can’t physically perform CPR, knowing how to do it can help you walk others through the process. Keep your skills updated by renewing your CPR/AED certification every 2 years.
If you have a business, invest in an AED. If you own a business or have people who come to your location, consider adding an AED to your office along with your first aid kit. There are companies that can assist in purchasing and maintaining your AED for a nominal cost. You never know when having an AED will save a life.
For more information about First Aid, CPR/AED classes, contact Ready Habits, LLC at 317-399-9905. We provide programs for individuals and businesses to ensure you have the skills to save a life! 


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