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Food security

I spent the day with some very passionate women learning how to preserve food. The instructor led us through the process of pressure canning meat.

I honestly did not know how easy it is to do. Now, don’t get me wrong, you really need to know what you are doing, but with the right equipment and a good canning book, it was surprisingly easy.

The discussion was not just about canning. As we waited for the jars to cool, we talked about food storage in general, and bulk storage options specifically.

With the supply shortages we are facing today, it’s important to start being prepared so you don’t stress out about feeding your family. It’s impossible for most of us to put aside a few months worth of food in just one shopping trip. The secret is to just add $10 a week to your grocery bill with items you can have on hand for an emergency. For example create a list of the foods you would eat and purchase extra:

  • Week 1: 8 cans of tomato soup
  • Week 2: 6 pounds of macaroni,
  • Week 3: 8 cans of tuna
  • Week 4: 6 pounds of salt

Build your pantry, one week at a time and within a year, you will be more secure and prepared for an emergency.

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