Why Choose Ready Habits?

You have many options for training to choose from and we want to make sure you are getting the best, most appropriate training for your business or family.

  • We are passionate about being prepared for an emergency. Not just because it makes sense, but because you are important to your family and organization. 
  • Although we are a new organization, we have been getting prepared for many years now and want to share what we have learned with you.
  • We don’t do “cookie cutter” training. We want to ensure you get the information you need and that means we take the time to learn about you and what you need.
  • We offer small class sizes, we prefer 2 to 6 people. This allows us to tailor our course to your needs and devote the attention you deserve to learn and practice the skills.
  • We have programs for families, groups and businesses. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Training Providers We Use

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross classes are designed for consumers who want skills to help adults, children and infants during medical, breathing and cardiac emergencies.
Ready Habits LLC is an authorized training provider for First Aid, CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Life Threatening Bleeding, and First Aid for Severe Trauma.

Health & Safety Institute

HSI focuses on workplace safety and employee training programs.
Ready Habits LLC is an authorized Level 3 Training Provider for First Aid, CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Advanced Bleeding Control, High Performance CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced First Aid and Emergency Medical Response (EMR).

Emergency Care & Safety Institute

ECSI focuses on laypersons and professionals by providing online and in-person training programs to meet your needs
Ready Habits LLC is an authorized Training Provider for First Aid, CPR/AED, Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens, Basic Life Support (BLS), Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations, and more.


ProTrainings provides online, in-person, and skills checks to a wide variety of organizations.
Ready Habits is an authorized training provider and provides both in-person and skills testing services.

Stop The Bleed

Stop the Bleed course is copyrighted by the United States Department of Defense in conjunction with The American College of Surgeons. It's mission is to reduce fatalities in those who are bleeding severely. This course teaches you to apply direct pressure to a wound, pack a wound, and using a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.
Ready Habits is an authorized provider.

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